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Are you thinking about a university education in the Windsor and Essex County or elsewhere??

What kind of programs do universities offer?

How can I choose the right program?

You can learn about university programs by visiting eINFO, a complete online guide to Ontario universities for secondary school students. On this website, you can find information about university programs and admission requirements, as well as first-year scholarships. You can search by degree, program of study, or university.

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Other information

You can learn about specific course content in the course calendars produced by each university. A course calendar tells you what programs the school offers. You may get a calendar from:

You can also get the latest issue of INFO magazine online. It provides information about scholarships, residence, campus tours, and many other topics.

If you are a high school student, remember that your guidance office can help you choose and apply for university programs.

How do I apply to university?

You can apply to Ontario universities online at the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

University of Windsor

University of Windsor Logo

The University of Windsor is Canada's most personal comprehensive university. It combines a strong and focused emphasis on the learning experience of every student with a very broad range of graduate, undergraduate, and professional programs. Uniquely accountable in specifying learning outcomes for each academic programme, the University has an exciting commitment to research in a richly diverse community. A special focus on automotive, environmental and social justice interdisciplinary research reflects the priorities of the surrounding region.

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