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Know Your Rights

Since many high school students begin to work at age 15 or 16, they should know their rights and how to use them.

Fact: An average of 42 young Ontario workers is injured, falls ill, or killed on the job every day. Think of it. That's almost 2 young workers injured every hour of every day and every night, seven days a week and it's often because of what they didn't know.

Look at the many resources below to protect yourself at the workplace.

Local High School Presentations
The University of Windsor's Labour Studies High School Presentation offers a 70-minute long presentation that covers legislation such as the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board Act, the Ontario Employment Standards Act, the Labour Relations Act, and the Ontario Human Rights Code. If you are interested in having a presentation at your school, please click here.
Source: Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
Browse through the different information resources related to occupational health and safety: checklists, brochures, information leaflets, testimonials, etc. Visit the virtual library to get information on the programs, information about prevention activities, and statistics on the matter.

Safe Workers of Tomorrow
Source: Workers of Tomorrow Safety Centre
Have a look at the information sheets regarding occupational health (risks of different lines of work, worker's rights, prevention of workplace injuries, etc.) written in simple, easy to understand language. Hover your mouse over 'Students' in the top menu and click on 'Plain Language Safety Information Sheets'.

Welcome to WorkSmartOntario!
Source: Ontario
Find information regarding employment standards, health and safety at work and employment-related problem resolution.

Young Workers
Source: Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA)
This website offers tips for young workers to protect themselves.

Young Workers Zone
Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Know your rights as an employee as well as the risks associated to your workplace.