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Affordable Housing

Click on each section below to view information on affordable housing in your area:


Central Housing Registry Windsor-Essex County
The Central Housing Registry Windsor-Essex County offers a free service to help low income individuals and families access affordable housing. Through the use of a coordinated access system, applications to numerous social and non-profit housing programs can be submitted.

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF) - Finding a Housing Co-op
Through the use of this website co-operative housing in Canada can be searched. The location of each co-op and the number of units available at that location is indicated.


Applying for subsidized housing
This website presents information about subsidized housing in Ontario. Information about eligibility and the application procedure can be accessed.

CHF-List of Housing Co-ops, Windsor and Area-
Windsor-Essex housing co-ops are listed on this website. The location and the number of units at each location are available.

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) -- About Non-Profit Housing -- Tenants
This website provides information about non-profit housing in Ontario. Statistics about non-profit housing, and the history of non-profit housing is available. Resources are also available for low income individuals and families who may qualify for affordable housing programs.

Subsidized Housing Info
Information about subsidized housing in Ontario is available on this website. The information provided, enables the public to develop an understanding of the different types of subsidized housing available in Ontario.


Charlie Brooks Housing Co-op
Charlie Brooks Housing Co-op consists of 70 housing units located in east Windsor. Accommodations are available to low income individuals and families.

Grand Marais Co-op Homes
Grand Marais Co-op Homes provides affordable accommodations to mixed income families and individuals. A total of 70 units are available at this location.

Orchard Park Co-operative Homes
This 84 unit affordable housing complex is located in Essex. Mixed income families and individuals are eligible.

River Garden Homes Inc/Villa Polonia
This 69 unit complex in east Windsor is available to mixed income families and couples. Geared to income and market value housing is available at this location.

Riverside Garden Court Co-op Inc
Affordable two to four bedroom units are available at this east Windsor location. Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.

Rosewood Crescent Co-op Housing
Mixed income families and persons seeking affordable housing may be eligible for one of the 60 unit townhouses available at the Rosewood Crescent Co-op Housing complex in Amherstburg. Two to four bedroom accommodations are obtainable including 3 accessible units.

Venture Place Housing Co-op
Located in eat Windsor, this 102 unit complex offers affordable two and three bedroom apartments to full income families and individuals.

Windsor Homes Coalition Inc. - Non-Profit Social Housing
Windsor Homes Coalition Inc owns 108 housing units that are rented to clients referred to this organization by the Central Housing Registry. Accommodations are provided to families and individuals on low and fixed incomes for affordable rates.